Sunday, March 17, 2013

On My Wishlist: St. Patty's Day Edition

Being Irish and all, St. Patrick's Day is usually a pretty big deal. I was an Irish dancer when I was little, and every year I took the day off of school to dance in the parade here in STL. I continued going to the parade every year after, as often as living out of town would allow. 

This year I wasn't able to make the festivities, but that didn't stop me from celebrating in other ways. 

For instance, St. Louis is looking a lot like Ireland today, in that it is cold and rainy.

Meanwhile, in Dublin...

Now, not every day is cold and rainy in Ireland, obviously, but it was when we were there in 2008 during our Spring Break when we studied in Rome. 

We drank so much tea in Ireland because of the blustery chill. We traveled there during spring break during our study abroad, and stepping off the plane from sunny Italy, we met snow flurries. This tea kettle would totally recreate those memories.

The Kerry Cottage is the sweetest little Irish shop literally down the street from my house. It has a thatched roof and everything. They used to have a little tea room there where they served the most delicious potato soup and green salad, but it's since closed. They still have fabulous gifts for every occasion, Innis perfume, jewelry, wool, teas, and Waterford crystal (LOVE!). My mom's crystal pattern is the Clare pattern, named after County Clare in Ireland. It's a gorgeous but discontinued pattern.

Here's a similar pattern: 

Click here.

And the gorgeous Kerry Cottage fragrances:

With notes of freesia, lily of the valley, and violet. Click here.

With notes of rose and lemon. Click here

The folks over at Every Little Thing (a STL food blog) made an delicious Irish dinner that makes my mouth water:

This adorable blog called Adore Your Blog has a bunch of great ideas for St. Patrick's Day entertaining and inspirations from Ireland.

From Adore Your Blog.
The Boulder Locavore made some authentic Irish Concannon - basically mashed potatoes with kale. YUM!

What'd you do this St. Patty's Day?



  1. I'm a little behind in my blog reading, but thanks so much for posting!


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