Thursday, May 3, 2012

Darla's Big Day

Today is Darla's birthday. She turns 2. 

Darla almost 2 years ago - she was so tiny!

 It is also the day before my thesis defense. So I thought I'd treat both of us and orchestrate a really fun few hours.

So, today, Darla got to …

1. Have a big treat for breakfast. I know I'm going to be that parent that lets their kid eat birthday cake for their big days. I'm a sucker.

2. Play fetch for a solid 20 minutes.

3. Go for a long walk/run with Mom — and by running, I mean we awkwardly take turns chasing each other down the street (she's not a natural athlete).

4. Cuddle with Mom in front of a fan after the crazy run.

5. Have chicken and rice for dinner instead of the same ol' puppy crunchies (currently pending).

All in between consistent napping throughout the day.

And yes, that is an old comforter she gets just for herself. She's spoiled sick.

Darla is the perfect stress release combined with comic relief. She doesn't care what I have to get done that day, what kind of mood I'm in, or what is on the agenda for tomorrow. She lives in the now, and you have to appreciate that.

Happy birthday LD (little Darla).


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