Wednesday, June 6, 2012

On My Wishlist: June Edition

So I missed May's wishlist. May was a bit of a whirlwind. Amazingly even now, being unemployed is a full-time job: searching for jobs, doing odd jobs for my neighbor and cousin (catering her baby shower) … and the house has never been cleaner. In a couple weeks Justin and I are jetting off to Fort Lauderdale, Florida, which we both soooo need. In the meantime, here are some super awesome things I've found surfing the web this month:


Ina Garten has the most incredible style. I want to live in her house.


Plus, I'm really loving neutral-colored rooms right now. My house is fairly colorful, but I'm starting to appreciate the simplicity and sophistication of monochromatic.


Homemade hamburger buns: perfect for summer grilling.

Sweet Treat

Fall is my favorite season. I love the crisp, heady aromas, the turn of the weather, boots and sweaters, and of course the food. These cookies have two of my favorites: Pumpkin and Chai spice. 

This woman is a genius.


This is the outfit I would wear while eating those pumpkin-chai cookies.

Lilly's Style is great. She puts things together that I never would have thought of. 


I desperately want a farmhouse table for my future home. This one is beautiful. 
I'm not sure I have the know-how to measure, saw, and nail together a piece like this, but maybe I can find one similar and just buy it ;-) 

This was just too cute: An old framed key from your first home together.

And because I have a TON of wine corks still laying around…

Represent some STL love:

And the piece de resistance:

Must. Do. Today.


I'd say this about sums it up:

Have an inspired month, readers. See more at my Pinterest Page.


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