Wednesday, April 25, 2012

DIY: Things to do with leftover wine corks

Justin and I drink a lot of wine. We like to get the cheapy bottles at Trader Joe's for $3-4. Sometimes when we're feeling snazzy we'll go for the $6 ones.

What we're left with, over time, is a LOT of wine corks.

I always get these ideas to be really crafty and clever with them, and there are so many things on Pinterest that I could do, and it makes me feel much more handy than I really am.

I'm really not that crafty. The most impressive thing I've ever done in that capacity is paint our nightstands.

not bad for an amateur, right?
So instead of making bathmats or wall murals, I jazzed up an old serving tray we had laying around.

Pretty neat, huh? All I did was hot-glue the corks onto the tray, then poured Modge Podge all over it. It took a few days to dry out, and it made the room smell pungently of glue, but still, it worked!

I feel so creative, like maybe all along there was a Martha Stewart hidden inside me. 
I mean, just look at my craft.

This might be the start of something, readers.



  1. That's really cool! I like the idea of cutting them in half and gluing them together to make trivets, too. Maybe I'll try that one when I collect enough.

  2. Totally! Pinterest is horrible for this sort of thing...there are so many ways to go.


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