Friday, March 9, 2012

Things on My Wishlist: March Edition

I have a bad habit of surfing the net when I should be working (kind of like right now). But at least now I can say that I'm doing something semi-productive, like blogging about what distracts me most.

Usually I have a million (OK, not a million — maybe five) websites at any given time where I have carts full of things I can't afford but like to look at once in a while. Some of those websites include kitchen and cooking doodads.

 Farmer's egg crate from Anthropologie

 Fluer-di-lys tumbler from Anthropologie

 Monogrammed mugs from Anthropologie

Old Havana plates from Anthropologie

 Lodge grill pan cast iron skillet from
 Norpro Ravioli cutter and former from amazon

Cavatelli maker from amazon

I just realized a large proportion of my wish list has to do with pasta. I guess you can tell a lot about yourself by what's in your "wish list" online shopping carts. Apparently, I have expensive taste.

What's on your wish list?

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